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Apr. 22nd, 2011 08:59 am
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It's Duck and Geoffrey's night with Sam and frankly, Kate's bored.

No, not bored.


Baze, God love him is taking his time. Because Kate needed him to take his time. Just kissing someone who isn't Jack is a strange thing. It's been...God. Almost a year and a half but she's only now been able to take off her ring. It's somewhere safe and somewhere where she'll always have it but if she's going to do this with Baze she can't touch him wearing her husband's ring.

That is, if they'd get to the touching already. She's not sure how to bring it up. Sex is a huge deal for her. It's been Jack and only Jack for years and years and the feel of another man's hands on her still feels a little wrong. But she wants it.

She takes her time around the house, straightening up, shaving her legs, and stripping down to her bra and underwear in the evening heat when she gets hot. And frustrated. She's half thinking about taking care of things herself when there's a knock on the door. "Shit," she hisses, fumbling for her thin, short robe.

She swings the door open just as she's cinching the tie.

For Baze

Jan. 28th, 2011 10:06 am
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It's a peaceful evening and the beach is oddly deserted for this time of day. She contemplates pulling her coverup back on, but wants to soak up the last remaining warmth. The sun is hanging low and heavy and just starting to set. Sam is happily ensconced with his grandparents for the night and everything would be perfect if it weren't for one thing.

Kate's really trying to take it as a sign. Some kind of sign that trying to date was a bad idea and that she should just focus on her kid. It's just...she feels lonelier now that she's had the whisper of a life shared with someone else again, than she had before she even started the whole thing. But Lux and Sam have to come first. And Baze needs to get his shit together and maybe that's what he's doing right now. Running around shirtless and building, something, but she's not going to chase him. He knows where she is, if he feels like he wants to try again.

But the shirtless thing is really unfair.

For Baze

Nov. 6th, 2010 01:25 pm
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It's a beautiful day. Maybe it's because Kate's anticipating the inevitable snow dump that's about to happen or because she hasn't received any emotionally draining presents, but whatever it is, it's a good day. Sam's with his grandparents and she's got a plan. She wants to go climbing up to the cliff over the ocean. Charlie's about to give birth and Jim's nowhere to be found so she figures it's a good time to get neighborly. She's not sure if Lux would want to do something like that or much of anything at this point. Kate gets it. But she figures if Baze is up for it, she should make the effort. She needs more friends, even if it's with a guy that she's not entirely sure about. Not him, really, more her. He's really nice and respectful of the fact that Kate is a married woman, but every once and a while...

She shakes that off, a pack on her back with water and food and heads next door to knock, determined to do something with her day.

Waking up

Jan. 13th, 2010 11:29 pm
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It had taken longer than she would have thought for her to figure it out. She had imagined it happening, before. She would imagine that she would know the second it happened. That her body would just immediately know the difference. Sometimes Jack woke up first. Sometimes he woke up early enough that his side of the bed would go cold so when she woke and heard Sam rustling around in his crib she had smiled and rolled out of bed, stretching as she started to stand up. It was only then she had noticed the gaps. Gaps in Jack's clothes. The place where his suitcase had gathered dust for so long. Stuff. Just the absence of stuff that all added up to the same thing. The island had caught up with them, and their little family.

Kate only vaguely registered falling back down to the floor, all those gaps adding up to a punch through her heart. A gaping, bleeding, endless absence of Jack. After three years together on the island, after their precious baby and their wonderful life, just like that she's another statistic. Everyone leaves. Everyone eventually leaves. Her hands skittered over Jack's side of the bed, the jeans he had kicked off last night, his pillow still dented from sleep. Sam, realizing something was up started crying, but Kate couldn't even process that beyond the reminder that her son didn't have a father, anymore. She grabbed Jack's pillow and inhaled, smelling Jack's shampoo and sleep and the same thing she's smelled for the past four years together. The person she's supposed to have for the rest of her life. Suddenly, her stomach rolled and she stumbled outside, one hand still clutching the pillow as she dropped down, gagging over the side of the porch.

Great, heaving sobs ripped out of her throat as she curled up, forehead pressing against the warm wood. She curled her fingernails hard enough to pull up splinters, trying to hold the pieces of herself together as her world fell apart.

For Jack

Mar. 3rd, 2009 10:18 am
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Kate hums softly as she watches the sunlight stream through the canopy of trees around their house. She pushes her foot gently against the porch rail as she keeps Duck's chair rocking and, thankfully, her baby quiet. Sam coos as he drools on her shoulder, fighting the pull of just one of the many naps he'll hopefully be taking today. She knows that she and Jack have been more than blessed with their normally quiet baby and as closely as she sticks to Sam now, she can only imagine how bad it would be if he wasn't so easy. Jack had offered to take Sam for a walk but it didn't really seem feasible as Kate knew he'd want to feed again soon and probably need a nap and a change afterwards, not to mention that it's not as if she's exactly restful any time that he isn't with her. It's just not worth the effort to even try. Kate closes her eyes and drifts, half-listening for the sound of Jack's return from the compound or his run or wherever he had gone.
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Mailbox for Kate McNab
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Kate lets out a shaky breath as she runs her fingers over the edge of the thin, hospital blanket. She had stared, blank-faced as the doctor had given her a long and complicated diagnosis. Most of it floated by as she caught words like pre-mature labor, birth defects, and the fact that it would have all been her fault. It would have been because she was selfish and irresponsible and still made that walked and exercised and did a million things that she hadn't yet wanted to give up.

Her hand moves down to her belly and curls around it, wincing as another sharp pain lances through and she feels tears threatening to make their way back down. She has been so stupid and it's ridiculous that she could even be trusted to care for this baby. For Sam.

She lets her eyes drift back over to the door that the doctor had forced Jack out of, telling him that he'd call him back as soon as the examination was over. As much as she want him with her, she's not sure she can face him and tell him what' s happening. How close they came to having everything ruined. Her eyes close as she takes another deep breath and waits for the door to open.

For Jack

Aug. 6th, 2008 06:39 pm
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Kate knows on an intellectual level that getting more and more pregnant isn't actually the same as getting fat. Not really. But it doesn't change the fact that her pants don't fit and her chest is busting out of her tops and it's just way too foreign. After the whole running and puking incident, she's tried to take it a little lower key, no longer joining Jack on their morning runs. But....if there's one thing she's not giving up, it's the yoga. She will, at no point, admit that she's too pregnant to do yoga. She even found a book about pregnant yoga so surely people do this. It has to be possible to balance even if you happen to be growing a hand-sized baby in your belly. Besides, it's been a shitty week full of dead people and shootings and ridiculous things and yoga is usually the only thing to actually calm her down. It's with that thought in mind that she's found herself stretched out along the beach, the day still cool with the calmly rising sun painting everything a soft gold. She's always been a natural at this, and nothing else can put everything in perspective quite like it.

That was, of course, before the Belly. After the fourth time she's fallen out of a simple split pose she sits down in a huff, kicking the yoga book petulantly at least a good foot or so. That book was clearly written by men. Skinny men with flat bellies. Stupid belly with her stupid hormones.

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She really hadn't taken the test seriously. Not deep down. Or, at least not the possibility of any other result than negative. Because it was ridiculous. Kate couldn't be pregnant. Kate could not be pregnant with a baby. That she would then be expected to raise and become a mother to. That was just ridiculous but there it was and as she stumbles down the path, clutching her belly, she knows. She just knows. The weeks of vomiting and the missed periods and the weird tightness around her waist. God, she's an idiot. An absolute and blind idiot. She has to find Jack and find some way of telling him this without sounding like she's immediately going to screw it all up because right now, all she's feeling is sheer panic.

For Jack

Mar. 8th, 2008 01:53 pm
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Jack was due back pretty soon from his routine post-building shower, and Kate had been preparing. She's cleaned the house and put Eli outside (in the little fence that Jack and Duck had built) and had made herself look as good as she could manage with the heat and jungle and everything. Bread and fruit and cheese had been stolen and arranged on their little table. Okay, good. She lets out a nervous breath. They haven't really talked about what had happened the other day at rehearsals, but Kate just couldn't let it go. She'd obviously said something really stupid and communication was the key to a good marriage, apparently. And it was just ridiculous to keep avoiding it because what if she did it again and he didn't say anything and that's how resentment built up. Those kind of little things could ruin relationships.

She sits on the bed and lets out another breath and waits to hear Jack's footsteps on the stairs.
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After finally sending a very cute and very sparkly Sunny out of the office and up the aisle, followed by Duck looking ridiculously handsome, it hits Kate that it's here and it's time and she's getting married. Holy crap. She fusses with her veil again until Geoffrey forcibly removes her hand, patting it gently. He peeks out the door and grins as they step out into the bright sunlight. She knows that Jack is somewhere, up on that stage, but all she sees at first is a blur of smiling faces. Tightening her grip on Geoffrey's arm she begins to move slowly down the top of the aisle, just hoping she doesn't trip.

Jack's still terrified, still feeling vaguely sick, but when he finally sees Kate, it's like that all disappears.  From beside him, he can almost feel Lionel radiating a 'told you so' vibe, but it doesn't matter, because suddenly Kate's right there in front of him and Geoffrey is giving him her hand.  He takes it, smiling nervously as they turn toward Anne.

"You look amazing," he whispers, although he's not sure if he's allowed to talk or not.

"You too," she whispers back, grinning like an idiot. She gives Geoffrey a quick kiss on the cheek before turning with Jack. Anne has stuck, mostly, to traditional vows, although they're infused with some random bits of poetry and Anne's particular brand of wording. They finally get to the part she's been waiting for and she can't help but squirm a little in excitement as she finally says "I do."

This is the easy part, Jack figures, even though he's still definitely shaking a little bit.  Even though he's still a little terrified.  He's listening to Anne, he really is, but he's waiting for the important part, the part where he finally has to say something.

And it's easy, too.  "I do," Jack says when it's his turn and that's it.  That's really it.  It doesn't seem anything to feel so sick about anymore.

Kate hears something about pronouncing them married or something but all she can do is grin at Jack and grip his hand. They're married. Actually married. Man and wife. She's listening for the part with the kiss and the second she hears it she's moving, sliding her hand up Jack's neck and sighing into his mouth.

Jack figures that this is the kind of time they're allowed to make out in front of everyone, so his arms slide around Kate, over the material of her dress and he kisses her deeply.  The first kiss as a married couple has to be a good one, he figures, and he's going to make it as memorable as possible.

Of course, there are the guests to think about and a long moment later, Jack finally pulls back, grinning at Kate.  "Time to celebrate?" he asks, smiling.

"Hell yeah, we're married," she says, grinning right back. They turn and make their way back down the aisle and Kate's makes a quick mental note of the happy faces in the small crowd as they move towards the food and area sectioned off for dancing. It's been almost two years coming, and it couldn't feel any more right.

[ooc: It's been nearly two years coming and nearly three attempts on Jack's part, but the wedding is here. Gathering style post, feel free to start new top level comments. They're married on the stage and are using the clearing next to it for dancing, food, and drinks. There is music so feel free to choose songs to dance to. Slow time is, of course, just fine and that's why it's going up early.]
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Kate can't stop staring at herself. The mirror that Daisy let her borrow is small, but it's's been a long time since she's looked like this. Hair swept up, makeup on and the veil, the veil is definitely a new touch. Daisy assured her that she wouldn't look like a trollop and she's done a damn good job. She's shimmied mostly in to her dress and is waiting and breathing and decidedly not freaking out. She's just waiting for Duck and Geoffrey to come in and wait with her and zip her up and then it's the wedding. And marriage. Which is all great and she bets Jack is throwing up at this very moment but it's still just a little scary. She takes another breath and lets it out slowly.
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Besides the fact that she had a perpetual cold, it was fantastic to wake up warm. Warm as opposed to hot and sticky and smelly. As she slowly begins to wake, Kate can feel Jack rustling around in bed but ignores him. Asleep is too nice. Asleep is fantastic. There's no way she can get up and jog in two feet of snow so there's no pressure to get up at all. She reaches a bare leg over to twine with Jack's and smiles into her pillow as she settles back down. She's almost back there again, limbs heavy and warm until she feels hot breath on her face followed by a wet tongue.

"Jack, quit it."

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 Kate's not sure if Geoffrey's willingness to haul skis up the mountain, strap them to his feet, and pull her up out of the snow at least twice already is a testament to his affection for her or his desire to keep her from breaking her neck. Either way, she's decided not to examine his motives too closely. What matters is that they're now standing at the bottom of the ski lift, staring dubiously as it seems to wind its way straight up the mountain. At least, with her neon pink jacket, Geoffrey won't lose her or something. Kate's actually pretty sure that Jack wouldn't trust many people other than Geoffrey to do this.

"So," she starts, squinting up through her pink-framed, over sized sunglasses. "Is it hard to get on that thing?"
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Kate still wasn't certain about a lot of things regarding getting married. Not like, anything about whether she wanted to, more like the logistics of the whole thing. What the hell would she wear and where could they do it and who should do it and about a hundred other things that really didn't need worrying. Not as if that had ever stopped her. One thing, however, she knew for sure and figured this would be one way to kill two birds with one stone. 

She kind of hoped he didn't say no, though. Or do it out of some long suffering sense of obligation. Which, she doubted would actually happen, but still it is Geoffrey and what she is asking does have the potential to lead to hugs or some sort of emotional display on her part. 

Still, it needs to be done and it's with that steely resolve that she dons her enormous new snow boots and pink, bobble topped hat and makes her way over to Geoffrey's equally renovated house. The sun is just beginning to set and reflect off the snow and she thinks she can make out an unmistakable figure up ahead on the porch. She lets out a quick breath and stomps through the last few steps.

"Hi, Geoffrey."

For Duck

Oct. 24th, 2007 01:50 pm
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The time for avoidance was over. That was the very affirmative-sounding thought that kept running through Kate's mind. Geoffrey had promised that Duck wasn't actually mad and Kate avoiding him is probably making the whole thing worse, anyway. This is why Kate is currently standing on her porch, a slightly worse for the wear little gift clutched between her fingers. She trains her eyes on Duck's house and takes a deep breath, feeling more than slightly ridiculous as she starts down the stairs.  
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The sun is just beginning to rise as Kate slips on her trainers and moves to the front porch to stretch, still feeling sleepy and warm. She can't help but grin as arms circle around her waist and a soft mouth is pressed to her neck. "Morning," she mumbles, as she leans against Jack's broad chest, breathing the fresh morning air. It's a good morning for a run and every day she's feeling a little bit stronger. Closing her eyes she leans a little farther back, letting Jack hold her weight. Maybe a little too much of her weight because it feels as if the ground is moving. "Shit," she gasps, as the porch begins to vibrate, really vibrate. Jack's arms loosen as she begins to twist around and suddenly without warning, she's dropped, right onto the....ground. Her eyes fly open as she feels damp, soft leaves and smells the sharp tang of the jungle air. "Jack," she whispers, heart missing a beat before starting to hammer wildly. She's in the jungle, and it still looks like the island but it's sure as fuck not near home and it doesn't look familiar and where the hell is Jack? Pushing up, she immediately trips again over a thick root...which begins to move, sliding through the dense grass. That's not a fucking root.

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The walk back home is done mostly in silence, a little tense but not as bad as the past day or so. They walk back hand in hand, leaning into each other just a bit as Kate gets more and more comfortable, lets go of everything a little bit more. She wonders how long it will take for the sting to completely fade, but they need to be close now. They need to touch each other and feel like themselves again, together. They need to talk. Kate needs to feel him against her, feel that he's with her, stupid idiot and all. Because if they don't start feeling like each other again, and they don't talk about what's going on? Jack is going to continue to feel like shit and Kate's going to nurse her own hurt until it becomes something really, really ugly.

They climb the porch together and stop inside the doorway, Kate putting her head against Jack's shoulder.
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After seeing Duck head over to set up the bonfire, Kate figures this would be her last chance to get Geoffrey alone before the party gets underway. She couldn't find any actual wrapping paper and the rec room apparently hates her so her gift is wrapped in hot pink construction paper. Of course. Not to mention that she couldn't figure out how to frame the thing and had to kind of just tape it lightly onto a piece of cardboard. The point, however, is that Lionel really outdid himself and took an absolutely beautiful picture. She figures that neither Geoffrey or Duck noticed it being taken and as usual they had eyes only for each other, and the well-timed grins only enhance an already adorable picture. Not that Kate is going to call it adorable to Geoffrey...probably. Not to mention that Lionel just went ahead and got it blown up to 8x10. Weird, weird island. You can print pictures but you can't a car.

She trots up to Geoffrey's door, hoping that he's dressed. And awake. Gripping her pink gift, she knocks and waits.
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While Lionel had wanted to take the Asten Something-or-other car, Jack had insisted that it would only draw more attention to him and after what Kate had heard about the underwear store, she agrees with him.  This just wasn't as much of an issue in New Burbage and Kate's really not sure how to deal with it. Should she step away when they take pictures? Are they going to touch him? Are the guys at the gay club going to touch him? Are they going to think that Kate is Jack's beard who is really covering for Lionel? With whom he buys panties? These are the questions that Kate mulls over as they make their way to what Jack promises is one of the best gay clubs. Or so he's heard. Or so he says he's just heard.

"Okay, so are we going to get in line?" Kate asks, squeezing Jack's hand as she tugs at the black, clingy shirt that she's certain was Jack's idea. There is a long line outside the club and...a neon pink sign hung above the door of The Manhole. Lionel makes a noise halfway between a grunt of horror and amusement as that came into view. Jack just gives him a grin and walks past the line of people whose heads start swivelling almost comically. Almost comically.

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