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Birthdate:Jan 1
Kate McNab is an aspiring theater actress and a member of the New Burbage Theater company. Growing up in a suburb of Toronto, her dream has always been to act on stage; and she is drawn to classic Shakesperean roles such as Ophelia, Juliet, Miranda, and Viola. While she has always wanted to travel and see the world outside Canadian theater she has lacked the opportunity.

Kate is a very genuine and honest person, though her mind tends to wander and dream. Acting has always been the one thing that could truly hold her focus and it is her greatest passion in life. Her commitment to her dream of working with a great company of actors has recently been challenged by a proposition to leave for Hawaii with her movie star boyfriend (now husband) , Jack.

Kate is around 5'6 and is slim with brown hair and grey eyes. She is approximately 26 years old.

Kate arrives after the last matinee showing of Hamlet in Slings & Arrows ep 2.01.


One white buttoned and tied sleeveless cotton and lace shirt
One white bra
One pair of grey cargo-style slacks
One pair of white underwear
One pair of white socks
One pair of tan, lace-up boots
One small, silver fairy charm - hidden in her left cargo zip pocket
One empty champagne flute

I am not Kate McNab or Rachel McAdams. Kate McNab belongs to Susan Coyne, Mark McKinney, and Bob Martin. Rachel McAdams belongs to herself. This journal is for role-playing at [info]the_blank_slate and no profit is being made.
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